Learning from my girls!

Learning from my girls!

GrahamHillGirls learning to “Stop & Take A Breather” when life gets tough.

At Graham Hill, we’ve had our fair share of energized practices, under- energized practices, and those practices that leave you walking away with a smile because somehow things just seemed to end on a high note with everyone happy.

What I’ve noticed is usually I focus on just how I might feel a lesson went, instead of really looking for indications from others. It is too easy to overlook the small successes of a session when confronted with team-wide silliness that can overshadow the message of a lesson.  I was surprised how my perspective on a session changed when in the final moments of our lesson on emotions one of our girls shared that when she was upset with her sister’s boyfriend, she liked to draw him all blobby. Her statement certainly put into perspective that sometimes our coaching efforts might not play out as we expect them too, but we can be pleasantly surprised by their impact. The girl’s response not only reminded me to remember how one session is just a small piece in the overall Girls on the Run experience, but also had me considering how I might more creatively deal with negative emotions.



Blog Post Submitted by Coach Camille from Graham Hill.