No Obstacle Too Big

No Obstacle Too Big


We are Vicky and Melissa also known as Team Two for One. We are a rather unique running team in that Melissa is legally blind having achromatopsia (cone dystrophy which causes her to be highly sensitive in bright light, totally color blind and more). Vicky, on the other hand is a four time stroke survivor which unable her to move her left arm and leg.

This is where the Two for One comes in; Melissa uses her two good legs to help push mainly on hills and uneven terrain while Vicky uses her right arm, right leg and two big wheelchair wheels to “run” (well roll).


Together we work as one team. In spite of our limitations and with God’s help, we are determined to use what we do have to the max. We also strive to encourage others to do the same.  Case and point, Melissa has two daughters that have and are involved in Girls on the Run.


Since beginning to run as a team about 3 years ago, we have continually tried to challenge ourselves with new goals. The first year it was to run our first half marathon. Last year we ran 2 half marathons in two days and this year we will be running our first full marathon, the Marine Corps Marathon on October 25. This will be our ultimate challenge. To make this race even more special, we will be representing an amazing charity, Ainsley’s Angels of America Foundation. They help to provide special needs and disabled youth and adults (captains) with specialized jogging chairs, “freedom chairs”, so that able bodied individuals (angels) can push them in endurance races such as the Marine Corps Marathon. Their mission is to promote inclusion of ALL individuals in events such as this.

We are also involved in a wonderful group called IRun4 in which we each are paired with a special needs child (Oliver and Christopher) who are unable to run. We dedicate our runs and workouts to them. These two little guys will definitely help to keep us motivated during the many long hours and miles of training ahead.


We both know that we are not the “normal” running team but that is OK.  We do not let that stand in our way even when we have had the occasional nay sayer tell us that we cannot or will not succeed.  That has just caused us to work harder to prove them wrong and show them that you don’t have to fit the “normal” mold to live your dreams.  We refuse to let our “minor” limitations hold us back from achieving anything we set our mind to do. So do not just sit on the couch and let life pass you by. Go follow your dreams no matter how lofty you think they may be and no matter what obstacles might stand in your way.  You CAN do it.

Watch a news clip of Melissa & Vicky and see them in action!

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