Coach Blogs: Woodridge

Being that we are Woodridge with a capital “W” we are the last team that gets to share for the blog.  But being last sometimes has its advantages!  We get to reflect on our whole season from the first lesson to the 5K race that we finished on May 18th.  It doesn’t seem that long ago when 15 girls were sitting in a circle listening to us talk about Molly and her vision.  Listening is the key, because for a few lessons that is what they mostly did.  But soon after a few of the lessons, especially plugging into the Girls on the Run cord, they learned what they are capable of and began to flourish. Soon it was hard to get a word in. They really came together as a team and encouraged and supported each other. They recognized the gift that each girl brought to our group and supported others in their challenges.

Each week we shared our field with the child care program at our school.  The younger kids, especially the little girls, were curious about what we were doing.  They would stand close enough to listen and would run with our girls when they did their laps.  We called them our “Future Girls on the Run” and our big girls did a great job of being positive examples. When it came time for our community project we decided to provide a special treat for our child care friends. We got together and prepared a trail mix and made smoothies for them and delivered it with some home-made positive cards for all the child care kids.

We had 15 terrific girls – 11 of which were able to attend and finish the 5K!  It was a very inspiring event for Woodridge, it being our first year participating in the Girls on the Run program. Our 4th graders are already talking about next year!  Woodridge is very excited be a part of this great program.




Pictured on the left are the fabulous Woodridge GOTR coaches!